DCP Parents: Kesia Meneses

Kesia Meneses is a single mother of five; living and leading in high rent Silicon Valley. She has two children that currently attend DCP El Camino Middle School. She shares how DCP has helped her put and keep her young scholars on track for college.

Kesia at home with her three children, including two who attend DCP El Camino.

Kesia at home with her children, including two who attend DCP El Camino.

“My oldest son was never told that he could go to college. He didn’t complete high school and is still trying to find his way as a contributing member of society”. Kesia shares, “my other kids would be at a third grade academic level if they were going to a traditional school, that’s what happened to my first son”. With her younger children, she has found hope in charter schools. At DCP they “put the idea of college in their heads and makes them believe that they can do it!”

She shares that she feels safe sending her two middle school students to DCP and notices that “they make you feel like a leader, very welcome, and as if you were part of their family.” Her 7th grader was on honor roll this year and is participating in a summer enrichment program with Hidden Villa; a special partnership with DCP where students spend two weeks living in nature and learning leadership skills. He received a full scholarship to participate.

Being at a charter school has been a transformative experience not just for her children but also for her. This past year she was elected as School Site Council President for DCP El Camino. The SSC provides an opportunity to develop shared leadership and communication with school administration and staff. Members are voted into the SSC and there is a shared representation of teachers, administrators and parents. You will also frequently find Kesia volunteering in initiatives to help engage other parents. This past spring, she created a parent committee representing all four DCP schools that is organizing parents to stand for their childrens’ education.

Kesia with members of the newly founded DCP parent committee.

Kesia (center) with members of the newly founded DCP parent committee.

This past semester Kesia also decided to model a growth mindset for her children by completing, along with 36 other parents, the middle school Parent Academy; a 4-part college readiness workshop series. The workshops helped parents create a stronger college going mindset, gave them tools to support their student’s academics and understand the grading systems, as well as how to plan a successful learning summer and beyond; all the way to college. “My son has to start being a leader at school now because colleges want to see everything in a student, not just good grades” Kesia reflects from the workshops she attended this year. “I am more alert and prepared for high school.”

Kesia receiving her “diploma” after completing the middle school Parent Academy.

Kesia (center) receiving her “diploma” after completing the middle school Parent Academy.

Kesia knows that her middle schoolers are in good hands and she too has made the commitment and believes that every child has the potential to go to college. “DCP is a school with strong academics, the teachers have high expectations for our children… they have given my son so much, they have given him the power and self confidence to be himself and want to do better.”

This parent feature was contributed by Mercedes Carbajal, DCP’s Family Engagement Manager. “Our DCP families are thriving and being equipped for college success; they are becoming active partners in their child’s education!!”. DCP is committed to engaging parents to their full potential so together, we can better support our DCP students on their journey to and through college.