Employee Referrals


Open Leadership Roles (e.g. Founding Principal, Assistant Principal)


Hard-to-Hire Teachers (Math, Science, Special Ed.)*


Other Open Positions

This is a response to the current teacher shortage and will be reassessed every year.

Eligibility for the bonus:

  • If you are on the teacher hiring team (Principals, Assistant Principals, Director of New Teacher Induction, Director of Teacher Effectiveness, Director of Operations, Director of Advancement, Director of College Success, HR), or you are part of the Executive Management Team at Central Office (ED, CAO, MD, COO, Controller), you are not eligible for this bonus.
  • You cannot receive a referral bonus for Student Teacher candidates (as these are due to strategic partnerships developed in the organization).


How do I get it?
The DCP employee must complete online referral form.

When do I receive the bonus?
You will receive the referral bonus amount after the person you’ve referred has been employed at DCP for at least one semester. 

Any tips?
Here is the link to DCP Job Openings. Refer your friends or family to let them know we’re hiring, and don’t forget to complete the employee referral form. 

If you have any questions, please email hr@dcp.org.

Employee referral amount will be taxed at the bonus rate.

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I have read and understand the Company's Employee Referral Policy. I understand that if the candidate I referred is hired as a result of my referral, I will receive a referral stipend after the candidate has been employed with Downtown College Prep for at least one semester. I understand payments are made at the end of the semester. I also understand that I must submit the candidate's resume in order for my referral to be considered complete.
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