Key Performance Indicators

DCP monitors essential key performance indicators to ensure our students are prepared for college success.

DCP is committed to tracking and reporting data on its Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These results are adjusted annually and are based on DCP’s most recent data. DCP has made every effort to benchmark its results against local, state and national data for comparable students when available. Unfortunately, data is not collected uniformly across institutions. When data is available, we have provided the most recent and relevant comparison.


“Attending college was something unimaginable growing up for both my sister and I. I am proud to say I am the first in my family to attend and graduate from a four-year university and my younger sister, who also graduated from DCP, is currently in her sophomore year at Chico State University.”
Dulce Bermudez DCP ‘11 Mills College ‘15

College Matriculation (%): Source
Four-Year College Matriculation (%): Source


“By the end of my freshman year I don’t know what changed me, what made me believe that I was worthy of a college education, but my attitude towards my education changed. I was determined to get good grades and be an honor roll student.”
Alondra Juarez DCP ‘07 SF State ‘15

UC Eligible Admit Rate (%): Source (CA, FG, 2017)
CSU Eligible Admit Rate (%): Source (CA, Latino, 2017)


“Looking back now, going through a rough and tedious program through USF and USC in five years doing two majors, I know the foundation and support I received from DCP was crucial and incredibly necessary to finish my career.”
Juan-Luis Vasquez DCP ‘10 USF/USC ‘15

UC/CSU A-G Course Completion (%): Source
Participation in Advanced Placement (AP) Program (%): Source