Our Model

DCP’s college prep programs are driven by the relentless belief that all students can discover their power to change the world when college-going becomes part of their identity.

We empower students to construct their own learning in the company of their peers and teachers. We support our teachers to best meet the academic and social needs of our unique student population.

DCP fosters opportunities for critical self-discovery through our College Success Framework that addresses the academic, college and socio-emotional needs of every student. We work to offer students both traditional and innovative opportunities to be well-rounded college applicants and change-makers.

Engaging in Rigorous College Prep Coursework

  • We require every student to take the required coursework (a-g) to compete for admission at California State University, University of California, and Private colleges and universities across the nation.
  • We offer Advanced Placement (AP), STEM, Engineering, Computer Science, Ethnic Studies, and arts courses that connect to the multifaceted interests and identities of our students,

College Guidance Support Everyday

  • We offer free, comprehensive college prep middle school and college prep high school programs at each of our four schools.
  • We prepare teachers to be effective college advisors starting in 5th grade.
  • We assess students to identity at least one adult on campus to provide academic, college and/or socio-emotional support everyday.
  • We have dedicated college counselors that work with seniors to ensure that 100% of students complete the college application process; this includes applying to the university system as well as community college system based on the best fit for each student.

Engaging in Meaningful Experiences

  • We offer traditional extracurricular opportunities like clubs, athletics, and leadership positions to deepen and explore their passions
  • We offer a robust Pre-College Enrichment program that connects students to regional and national/international summer programs and internships at colleges and non-profit organizations locally and across the world.
  • We plan college trips and experiences that expose students to diverse college options starting in 5th grade.

Taking the Family to College

  • We support families in the financial aid process, including CA Dream Act Application for undocumented students
  • We provide 1:1 support to help families select the best fit college based on finances, academic opportunities, and personal compatibility

Support through College Graduation and Beyond

  • We have an Alumni Success program that provides counseling, support services, scholarships, and network building for our graduates to complete their college goals.

The DCP Literacy Model utilizes the pedagogy of the workshop model. The foundation of the model is a dedication to authentic teaching and learning, high expectations for all students, purposeful engagement, and differentiated instruction tailored to the individual needs of all students. To foster the growth and development of learners who…

  • Learn by doing and through inquiry.
  • Are an integral part of a community of learners.
  • Are intrinsically motivated to learn, create and solve.
  • Are problem solvers and critical thinkers.
  • Are independent thinkers and learners.

At DCP we know that the #1 indicator of student academic success is teacher quality. With that in mind, we recruit high quality teachers and foster their development using the Danielson Framework. Administrators receive individualized mentoring in order to best coach and support all of their teachers. Teachers therefore receive personalized coaching from administrators in order to meet their professional goals and continuously improve their practice. DCP goes one step further in teacher development by providing student feedback (gathered twice a year) to each teacher. Student feedback helps teachers further reflect on their practices and closely analyze how to meet student needs. It is by following these practices that we are able to retain and develop teachers who excel in:

  • Content planning and preparation that takes into consideration the needs of our students
  • Classroom environments that foster safety and a sense of belonging
  • Instruction that promotes critical thinking and shared ownership of learning
  • Professional responsibilities that center on student advocacy
  • DCP Core values that support college-going mindsets and habits



Highly Literate


Highly Numerate


Social Justice Leaders


Create their Own Meaning and Learning


Own their College-Going Identity